Reach4Life in South Africa

A non-denominational faith-based HIV/AIDS prevention program

Reach4Life© (R4L) is a non-denominational Christian HIV/AIDS education and prevention program launched by Biblica in 2004 in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic sweeping through Africa. Originally intended for use in South Africa, the Reach4Life book (copyrighted to Biblica) is now being used in other countries in Africa and around the world. 

We take the Reach4Life program into local schools and educate young people about how to make wise choices about life and sexual behavior by promoting:

Being faithful
(if abstinence is not practiced)

The program encourages abstinence as the primary behavior, but recommends the use of condoms for those who choose not to adopt that practice, in order to protect others from being infected with the deadly virus. Reach4Life also encourages broader applications such as respect for individuals, developing the students to their fullest potential, and contributing to the overall good of the society.
The number of schools the program can reach is dependent upon funding; however, priority is given to schools in areas with high incidences of HIV infection. 

Before the program is implemented in any given area, meetings are held with local church, school, and community leaders. Young Christian adults are then selected and trained to teach the lessons from the R4L book, in schools as time is made available, and also at after-school fellowship clubs. 

The R4L book includes the New Testament and discussion on many topics that will help young people make wise decisions and deal with real-issues they are facing, especially about sexuality. Reach4Life is targeted at the uninfected younger generation who still have a chance to avoid the virus by choosing to wait for marriage before having sex.

The program’s goal is to seal off the next generation of young people from HIV. The hope is that they will catch the vision, instead of the virus.The vision is "life lived to the fullest."


How can I get involved?

Your donation will provide a student with a Reach4Life book and transportation to and from schools for Peer Educators. Peer Educators do not own vehicles, and it is unsafe for them to walk miles in dangerous conditions.

Donations can be made by clicking the Donate Now button on the Donate page. Giving can be on a one-time or continuing basis, through on-line or mail-in donations. The automated check or credit card deduction is an easy way to donate for people who are commited to ongoing support for the program.

Another way to get involved is to visit the area, which will give you first-hand knowledge about the situation. For information on that possibility, please contact PreventionTime by email on the Contact Us page.










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South African girl participating in Reach4Life

Students listen to lessons taught from the Reach4Life© book.

Reach4Life Peer Educator

Peer Educators survey the class to determine current behaviors and level of understanding.

South Africian girl considers life choices taught by Reach4Life

Students consider the life and death nature of choices they will make.